August 13, 2009

Sorry guys for not updating in soooo long! I’m going to make it up to people and update as much as possible today! By the way, if anyone wants to read my personal blog, it’s at:  http://rcmacdo.blogspot.com/ I’ve been very busy lately with family stuff and trying to seriously teach myself Japanese. I’m going to try and pass the JLPT in December. If I do I’ll be certified in it (for life!) and can even move to Japan. I’m hoping to become a tutor/translator or a teacher there. But in order to make it, I’m studying my butt off! o_O  Thanks in advance for people’s patience. 😛


Bento 2

April 7, 2009

Well, this is my bento for today! It’s another sandwich one, only this time it has cheddar instead of Colby Jack. I managed to get the entire sandwich in it this time, don’t know what was wrong with last time’s. Image It looks tasty to me. Image

No Bento :(

April 6, 2009

I didn’t make a bento today because I wasn’t feeling very well. 😦 Instead, I finished the little piece of sandwich leftover from yesterday and had a chicken ramen instant cup noodle. Still good, but not as fun. Now, Passover should be interesting if I keep this up. Not, allowed to have bread, rice, beans, etc. I’ll have to use special Kosher for Passover food. This will probably start with my lunches on April 9th until April 17th. That should be fun to see though, if I take pictures.

Bento 1

April 5, 2009

Hi! Today I made my first bento! ^_^ I’ve been interested in making them for a while now, and finally got enough nerve to make one. Bento is basically a Japanese lunch box. (It can be cute, colorful, complex, anything you want.) I didn’t make a traditional Japanese one, and I don’t have a traditional box, but that’s ok. My dad said there might be some cheap bento boxes at our market, so I guess we’ll look there next time, and I might get one! I used a plastic tupperware, that was a long shallow rectangle shape. There’s a website I think it’s justbento.com, where they explain that you can use tupperware or any container for that matter if you can’t afford a traditional one, so that’s nice. Also, somewhere else I read online said that for a woman my age the container needs to hold up to 600 ml or something, this one’s exact. Not that it really matters though. ^_^’ Plus, it helps with having a smaller portion size, so it’s good at keeping you healthy.

Today I made a sandwich bento. Sandwich had: sliced cajun turkey breast, colby jack cheese, and a sauce I make with horseradish and mayo, and whole wheat bread. (So, good!) I sliced the sandwich lengthwise and filled half my bento with it. I saved the rest of the sandwich for next time. On the top quarter of it, I made a salad. Salad: mix of greens (like spinach, lettuce, etc.) and some honey mustard vinaigrette. That was tasty too. The last quarter was apple slices and chunks. I separated each section by lettuce, I don’t need that plastic expensive stuff. That way I could also eat the dividers. Plus, it kept the dressing from going into the sandwich and apples. It was really nice.  I forgot to take a picture of it, but maybe next time. 😉 It’s fun way to have lunch.

More pages

March 1, 2009

I don’t know if everyone noticed, but I added a couple more pages for anime. I also shortened the first anime page a little bit so it’s easier to view, plus for some reason the longer it got the more errors would pop up. ^_^’ The last anime page I haven’t put my reviews of those up yet, but I just wanted to put all of the ones I’ve seen up already. Hopefully, someday I’ll put reviews up for those as well. I’m learning even more Japanese and about the prefectures. Look for updates and new pages with those soon. Sorry, it’s taking so long to put new content up. But, with studying Japanese everyday, a bit of their culture everyday, their prefectures everyday, being a Hadassah Secretary, having health issues, etc. it’s hard to find the time. So, just bare with me. Again, please comment as much as you want on how you think I’m doing, it will help me get more ideas for the site, let me know if you like it, etc.

New book

January 19, 2009

I got an interesting book from the library that some people might be interested in. It’s called Japan Ai by Aimee Major Steinberger. It’s basically about a tall American otaku who goes to Japan. She talks about the landmarks, shrines, fashion, etc. that goes on around her.

I found it very interesting, especially since I kind of want to live there. 😉


December 8, 2008

Hi everyone! I just made a forum! It’s at http://riceandanime.lefora.com See what it’s like! It also is a forum to discuss Japan. Plus, if you don’t want to talk about Japan there’s the general section. Oh, it’s called Rice and Anime Forum.

Long time….

November 2, 2008

Hi everyone! Sorry for not updating for so long! 😦 I’ll try to make up for it by working a lot more on the site. Hope everyone’s Halloween was great! My Birthday is on the 7th, and it’s coming up fast! I plan to expand the site as much as I can with more categories and stuff. If you have suggestions or questions please don’t hesitate to either comment here or even email me. For my email just look at the contacts page. Thanks! With help from other people I can make this even better. I want to make this an inviting and fun place to learn about Japan. You can look more at my folklore section that’s just starting out. Well, hopefully I’ll update sooner the next time! ^_^

How’s Everyone Doing?

July 23, 2008

Sorry, for the long time inbetween posts and putting up stuff on pages. I’m hoping to get right back into it. Glad so many people have seen the site. It must be good, although I don’t really know because I only had 1 person really comment so far. It would help me improve the site greatly if people would comment. Thanks in advance! Hope everyone’s Summer’s going well. I’m going to get back to work. ^_^ Bye!

An update!

June 20, 2008

Hi everybody! Well, I put all the anime I’m watching now and put up reviews on them so far. I also added some movies to the horror section. Soon, I’ll put some recipes up.  Expect more stuff in the next few days! Hope you like bye!